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Casuto, Nella. Woman Time: The Chagall Artists House. December of the Woman: Haifa, December 1996.

“A sculpture of local Jerusalem stone found by the artist. From it she drew a woman moments before giving birth. The woman lies naked, her belly round, she rests. Her neck is tight, her head is thrown back, her entire presence expressing readiness for the awesome moment about to come – the moment a child enters the world.

Her second statue displayed in this exhibition expresses despair, the moment after the missed opportunity, the drowning in the pool.
The pool, just a small opening in her side. In it, a woman looks like sinking down into the water. In the knee, symbol of the source of human life, one can still perceive some fighting, before it will be all over. The hand, hanging from its weak hold of the poolside, represents the impending leaving, the desire of letting go, the decision of sinking away… The peaceful water – in other circumstances it could have been amniotic fluid – already covers the woman’s ears. The last moment, maybe she will never hear any more sound from this world, all absorbed in her inner self".



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