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Arad, Sharon Architect. In Architecture as in art spontaneity preferred. Architecture of Israel, no. 35. 1998

What did not survive the tests of nature are the several segments of the Arava Road, which crossed wadis – creekbeds dry throughout the summer months which fill suddenly with winter rain.

The sites in question are washed out every winter; lately, the public works Commission has replaced some of these with modern bridges. With all due respect to this feat of engineering (though it is a pity that have only one lane), the bridges are notable for their insensitivity to the surrounding landscape. By way of compensation, Sculptor Or-nah Ran … has been commissioned to ameliorate the results with an environmental sculpture.The sculpture, "Reclining Woman", is made of desert stone – pebble from and flint from the Nahal Zin creekbed, dolomite rock and flint from central plain, and a few colorful stones typical of Arad area. The sculptor's response to the stimuli of the environment expresses "the light-colored sand hills, leaning up against the dolomite cliffs, like the undulations of the viper…like the end of the agama lizard's tail… like a woman reclining silently on the send". Visitors are invited to sit on a stone left "at random" to the east of the statue and gaze at the recumbent woman through the arch of her leg. A winding staircase leads to an observation point at the top of her head, with a view of the Arave landscape at the foot of the Mountains of Edom.



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