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Sheaves whispering the story of Ruth and Naomi

The Ruth and Naomi sculpture purpose is to express the theme of Whispering Sheaves, an environmental project established in a grove in Efrat to honor the memory of victims of the attack that took place there. The sculpture itself has not been executed.

First in the artistic creation, I seek out for a theme element to build the artwork from. The theme may be an image of the outer world (nature), of the inner universe (feeling) or an element of story (idea). In the Ruth and Naomi sculpture, the nature image is a field of ripe sheaves, the rising rick, the gold color, the move of the ears in the wind. The story element is the “one moment before”. Ruth and Naomi are on their way back to Efrat / Bethlehem, passing from the exile and morning episode to the topic of return and birth of the kingdom that would come from David, great-grandson of Ruth; an element of the story that is not found in the scripture. It is the excitement of the expectation, which precedes the actual occurrence, the magic of what will happen next and how come.

Whispering Sheaves is not the topic of the sculpture, but the place where Ruth and Naomi are coming to. The barn, in the story, is the center of the camp; the balcony is a field with plowed furrows and the move of wheat in the wind; the rails and columns remind the wheat stems. The hollow structures in the sheaves add yet another aspect to the story, caves in the hills, where David sought refuge when he was running away from King Saul.

The location of the sculpture in the project marks the east direction, where Ruth and Naomi came from to the fields of Bethlehem. To the figures, a rotating movement was added, directing the eyes toward the project, as though they will see the marching camp.

The heroes of the story are strongly bounded together, a bond that is not completely understood: did Ruth bind with Naomi because of her personality, to find a new beginning after earlier deceptions in her life, because she had been struck by death or because she already felt a still indistinct future?
Naomi bound with Ruth as with a chance for a life renewal. She wants to come back, a difficult move for a woman at her age. She wants to accomplish motherhood, to take her place again; does she too know what the future will be? This is the wonder of the relation between the two women, the old and the young, the mentor and the student, the mutual support, carrying on. Naomi relates to the social environment, she is attached to nature and agricultural seasons; she has got experience of it and has the know-how, and after her men are dead, she acts as an independent woman, who knows and who leads to the next steps.

The story contains a message of renewal concealed in it; there is a need to go away in order to come back in. There is no need to be afraid, because the coming back is source of improvement. The true believer draws strength from the departure and the return, and does not fear from being lost in assimilation. At the end of the process, it appears that the points of deviation were part of a continuous progression.

The Ruth and Naomi sculpture is comprised of one figure clive in two – “And Ruth stuck onto her” 1(to Naomi). They are two halves completing each other. Naomi cannot exist without Ruth, who provides her food and company; Ruth cannot act without Naomi’s guidance; they are bound together.
Naomi is closed, round, she collects, she is like one of these steles, in which the ancient Orient is told; the figure is abstract with a suggestion of a garment, a hint of movement in her leg, an indication of reception in her ear: doesn’t the whole begin because “she had heard in the country of Moab…”2
Ruth is the one who is supported; she hugs Naomi; she has left some empty space, contrary to Naomi’s fullness. Ruth is like a shadow that has no existence of its own. A move of the tunic, covering somewhat the emptiness, is similar to the move of the wheat in the wind. A crown on her head announces the kings who will be born from her. The eye reveals the knowledge and the fate, that “the LORD do so to me, and more also”3 .

The Ruth and Naomi sculpture is a bronze cast of a clay model, 22 cm diameter, and 20 cm high.

1. Ruth 1:14
2. Ruth 1:6
3. Ruth 1:17

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