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Running with wolves

“A carriage pulled by six wolves and driven by a woman” – a tribute to the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves”1 .

The sculpture "Running with Wolves", first presented in Or-nah’s exhibition in the “Sea Observatory” Gallery2 , is part of a process of connection with herself that Or-nah was going through; a process that began with early sculptures: from “Rebecca” in expectation of the minute that would change her life, then “Being a Woman" who gives birth to herself and the fruit of her womb gets fascinated by the process, which she is going through. And afterwards “Reclined Woman” and the “Seeing Doe”, who both affirm their existence, their presence, watching. The process ends with the statue of the woman who drives through her own life, who controls her impulses / the wolves. The woman who is the wolves, the wolves who are the woman3 .

The wolves run ahead and they come back upside down, similar to the driving chain of a bicycle; they are the inner drive as well as the drive of the external move. They are the key to the life, in the “Old Blue” story told by Estés in her book.

The statue is 140 cm long, carved in mahogany wood and cast in bronze. It served as a model for the project of an outside statue, intended to stand in a traffic circle of a main road, which has not be implemented.


1. Dr. Estés, P. C. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, New York : Ballantine Books, 2003
2. “Sea Observatory” Gallery, One-man show, 05/1999.
3. These remarks were inspired by an article by Reich, M. I., “Runs with the Wolves": A new exhibition by the sculptor Or-nah. Yediot Haifa 28.05.99.

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