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Sensing Afar, Contemplation, Scream.

Three gazelles sculptures, which comprise the local fauna. They were designed according to the animals’ characters: Sensing Afar, a guarding male; Contemplation, a crouching female; Scream, a lively youngster, thirsty for water. The sculptures are bronze casts, from original models made from natural materials of the area (pine cones, oak acorns, pistachio branches, stems, and vehicle waste, which has unfortunately became part of nature…) and from traditional hand crafts (honeybees wax from beehives, weaving, knotting). On the sculpture's textures there are hints for a story from the Bible: Asahel’s death, killed by Yoav, who was King David’s chief commander - "And Asahel was as light of foot as a wild roe deer."1

The statues were originally made for an environmental sculpture project “Sun Braid” in Givon HaHadasha and are cast in bronze. Their size is slightly less than gazelles live size.

1. 2 Samuel. 2:18

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