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“God will provide Himself the lamb for a burnt-offering”

This is the name1 of an exhibition presented at the “Constant” Gallery2 on the theme of the Sacrifice concept.

Or-nah renewed the use of statues representing gazelle in an environmental sculpturing project – “Sun Braid” – and she created a presentation that relates to the architectural space of the gallery, as to a church.

The “Scream” gazelle is coming down from the alter, made up from railway crossties, his body turned toward the light up opening at the end of the gallery. The gazelle communicates the refusal of the sacrifice to be sacrificed; it is longing to the light. Two other statues, one gazelle making a step toward… and the other one in expectation. Are they supposed to be next to be sacrificed, or are they just spectators?

The “Alter” sculpture has been built especially for the exhibition. Its aspect reminds ancient altars and again the gazelle figure is used as a motif of self-sacrifice.
The statue is hand-hewn in maritime sandstone, with a gross structure, and its dimensions are 43 x 27 x 63 cm.

Tearing apart of the Victim

One lives inside himself,
And is longing
He is longing to the Deity.

One is withdrawn inside himself.
He is going to sacrifice the one objet of his love
To break out the circle,
To be able to move onto the distance.

Was Abel’s killing a murder?
Was Jephthah's daughter’s death a mistake?
Isaac’s death would have been the pinnacle of faith
For only the close one and the known is accepted.

Power of the circle: Every one and his sacrifice
Every generation and its victims.
Real victims, sacrifices in vain,
Victims that it will be sent help to,
Victims that it will not be.

Inside the circle: I am full of longing,
This road is mine,
My flesh is the sacrifice
And my soul is a place of holiness.

Tear of the circle: My longing is answered,
The road is torn over,
My sacrifice elects life
And where is the place of holiness.


1. Genesis 22:8
2. Sculpture Center Gallery Joseph Constant, Ramat-Gan. February – March 2001. Currator: Ina Arueetty. Photos: Ran Erda. Music: Yaron Enosh


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