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Impressions through Dance

The moves of the Artist’s inner soul, the external moves perceived by the senses, the still picture of a frozen movement in the artistic creation, the onlooker’s experience move: when it comes to Or-nah, these are not words from a philosopher or a psychologist, it is all together in one cast.

Or-nah does not look at a dancer like many other creators, Or-nah does not compete with the choreographer’s dance arranging, she dances along with the creation and with the onlooker.

The “Impressions through Dance” sculptures1, as well as other iron sculpture and sketching works2, are the fruit of a creative encounter with the dancer and choreographer Yaron Margolin, his company of dancers (particularly Yael Haramati) and the theoretician of the Company, Niko (Naphtali) Ironi.

The sculpture matter seems to be about to vanish and act like an idea carrying up the movement, and it passes onto the onlooker in a myriad of colors with each and every view angle, direction of the light, onlooker’s mood at the exact moment of the encounter and observation.

1.  “Impressions through Dance” – One-man exhibition by Or-nah at the Jerusalem Theater 1/91.
2. The sketches illustrate his book: Ironi, Naftali & Margolin, Yaron, “Independent Dance: Essence, Creation and Interpretation”, Jerusalem 1991.


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