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Kaf El Kaf

Palm to palm in a prayer to the future.
Body to body, separate and complementing each other.
A square inside a circle inside a square inside a circle,
until the last inner limit opening to the far away distance.
Palms of hands extended in elevation like a flame upward.

The sculpture represents a blessing to Future at the school gate, and an invitation to what stands beyond the immediate – far away, upward, inward.
At that time, Or-nah was studying for an MA in Indian Culture at the Hebrew University, and her opening to this culture can be felt, mainly in the movement of the hand greeting – the 'Nemaste' – and in the 'Mandala' shape of a square inside a circle inside a square, and so on.

Or-Tora School, Ramot, Jerusalem
laizer-cut iron, colored and welded plates, on a basis of Granolite
Hight: 2 meter.
Project ordered by: Israel's State Lottery


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