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Sansanoy is one of the three life guardian angels in Jewish mysticism. Along with Sanoy and Smanglof, he stands in home doorways to keep the tender babies.

Sansanoy was ordered by the owner, Mr. Amos Hadar, to be standing guard at the entrance of the Hadarim building, in the high-tech area of Mount Hotzvim, to foster the desire for growth.

The sculpture contains, in its abstract figure - man / animal / bird – an actual contrast, beginning with the tension between the crude body, made of steel sheets attached with rivets, and the light wings, which attire themselves with azure glass membranes.

This contrast carries on the impression of opposition between movement and calm through a combination of geometrical and organic shapes.
The pyramid of the body transfers the force from the stable triangular base, constituted by the contact of the legs with the ground, upward to the organic lines of the wings and the sculpture outline. The wings let the stream of force flow on sideward and downward, and they arouse feelings of doubt, questioning, amazement, concern and fear, which come along with the aspiration to growth and confidence.

The abstract figure of the sculpture takes also the shape of a tree, expressed by the stable trunk and the branches of the wings, extending sideward. This outline symbolizes growth, but it also suggests a wink of mingled feelings of the desire of technological advance together with the will of living naturally.

The sculpture stands, as said, at the entrance of the building and its body is turned, in respect with the building, so that it points to the entrance. It was designed as a dialogue with the urban street and with the aluminum and glass fronts of the building, which already existed, before the sculpture.

The sculpture looks simple, but, in fact it was actually designed using a tridimensional architect software, for a perfect matching between all parts. Each part was attached to another part and welding was performed only for secondary strengthening.

In front of the Hadarim building, A. Sh. Hartom 7, Jerusalem
Colored iron and colored glass wings
Height: 6 meters
Project ordered by Amos Hadar
carried out by: Golden's locksmith's workshop

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