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Beasts of the Earth

 The supporting wall that reaches a height of about 25 meters from the northern opening of the tunnel and up to the red Magen David area above it, is built from huge pieces of rock. Its purpose is to create an optical illusion that would make the wall seem lower. In the center of the wall there is a large piece of flat concrete, on which exhibited a sculpted, 20 meters long and 7 meters high, stone relief, called Beasts of the Earth, which is the creation of the sculptress Or-nah Ran. She explains that it is a combination of two design elements: Sunshine, which symbolizes the birth of earth and a procession of camels, horses and donkeys that symbolize the road and journey motif. The source of the name Beasts of the Earth is in the first book of the Jewish bible, Genesis, in its first chapter, verses numbers 24-25. 

The motifs in the relief are based on paintings etched on the rocks during early periods by processions of people on their way, especially those found on Har Hanegev and Sinai.
The huge relief was created as a result of an engineering necessity. During the quarrying process of the northern tunnel-opening it became clear that underneath the wall supporting the area of Magen David Adom, there was a quarry filled with sand, which sides should be stabilized. Because time was short and the need for a quick solution, which didn't enable a pedantic structure from stone, which would have taken a lot of time to construct, it was decided to cast at the place an anchor wall from exposed concrete. That wall was therefore coated later with the relief Beasts of the Earth, which free shaping and design creates a frontal association of a broken ceramic.   
 Architect David Kroyanker - The story of a road the story of a town. 
The relief that completes the sculpture  Tiamat  on the Eastern part of Menachem Begin Boulevard.
Location: North opening of May Naftuch Menachem Begin Boulevard
Length: 20 m. Height: 7 m.
Background natural stone coating. Animal derivatives cast in Aluminum and colored. 
Project ordered by 'Moria' Co. in the name of Jerusalem Municipality
carried out: Bradrian Brothers


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