On-site building, using the model

Forms for the casting of the balcony

Detail of a tree
penetrating into the balcony


Sheaves of grain

The sheave inner area

Environmental Sculpturing
Study Of Indian Sculpturing
About Or-nah

Whispering Harves

A big work inside a pine forest full of rocks, at the city of Efrat. This is a work that I am very proud of. As a gesture to the Biblical stories relating to the same area, my chosen subject of work was the story of Ruth the Moabite. Ruth was non Jewish woman converted to Judaism and faithfully accompanied her mother-in-law Naomi. Then she became the mother of David's dynasty. In the center of the project there is a granary, the place where the ears of wheat are threshed. Around that, structurs resemble sheaves tied together and a hollow interior enables kids to play and stay. This is an echo to the caves in which David once hid while escaping from King Saul. Beside the granary there is a balcony whose purpose is to expand the main area without the need for changing the beautiful rock texture of the ground. The balcony's poles and the designed banisters are designed with the inspiration of stalks of wheat. In addition, a sculpture of Ruth and Naomi was planned that was not done because of a change in the municipal government.  (This also happens…) 

Project: Extends over about 1,000 square meters (a quarter of an acre.
5 sheaves of grain, about 10 meters long over a diameter of about 3 meters, with an inner area.
A barn and a view balcony.
Playground slides.

Lezecher AaNoflim Park, Sderot Hamelech David, Efrat
Project ordered by Efrat local council
Building Engineer: Dany Shefer
Carried out: Simon & shalom Robabshi



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