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A work around and inside a Mikveh building, enclosing a bath for the ritual cleansing of ladies, according to the Jewish religious tradition. It is customary to conceal the direct entrance to the building, and indeed a stone wall has been designed along organic lines into the building. Its outer façade is made of ancient white building stones, combined with reliefs representing flowers and with a sculptured vase. The inner side of the façade consists of red natural stones. I designed the inner part of the building in ceramics, creating a clear hierarchic progression from the outside, through the inner court to the building, to reach the ultimate location: the ritual bath. In this work, I also designed the furniture as a part in the general experience of harmony.

Excerpt from a lecture given by Or-nah Ran at the India University of Arts - Chitrakala Parishat Bangalor India

Project: Design of the Dekel Ritual Bath courtyard and building interior, in Efrat.
Front yard wall: 17 meters long, 3 meters high, combined with a vase sculpture and a flower relief.
Ordered by: Efrat Local Council, with the participation of the local religious council.
Engineer: Abraham Bruchin
Entrepreneur: Israel Benn

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