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Bukhara Carpets

Bukhara Carpet and Psalm of David are stone reliefs on buildings facades in Iceland Street. Carpets, hanging down from the top floor, welcome a comer into the street, as though they have been put there to ventilate by the lady of the house; the harp adorns the front of the last house in the street, facing the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. These works are the brainchild and a contribution of both the local branch of the Neighborhood Renovation Project, and the residents of the two buildings.

The colored stone and marble wall reliefs have been made as part of a project, consisting of stone cladding plastered facades of buildings from the fifties, and Or-nah had to match the reliefs in a chaotic condition, in which existing windows of varying sizes are scattered all over the front walls, in the absence of any order.
The subjects of the reliefs were chosen in function of the residents: for a religious tenant, fond of music, the creation was a David's Harp; and carpets were selected for an immigrant from Bukhara.
Inspiration in the design of the carpet relief patterns comes from models of Bukharian handcrafts – bed cover embroidery that a bride used to prepare with her family as dowry for her wedding. The models are from the mid 18th century, but their pattern is sophisticated and seems based on ancient know-how. In Bukharian fabrics, the designs include large flowers in shades of red, arranged over a light background, placed freely on the canvas, creating an explosion of color and shapes. To depict the flower stems and for the framing petals, dark colors were selected in the fabrics. The designs have perhaps a primitive look, but this is their strength and uniqueness. Or-Na was attracted by these unique shapes, and she recreated the fabric border design into the stone. To emphasize the carpets, fringes were added, all out of stone carving, casting shadows which compete with the shadows of the window bars. Or-Na passed onto the carving work even the dialogue which can be found in the fabric, between design shapes and the manufacturing technique, and she translated the thread texture into saw cuts in the stone. In the central carpet, flowers show off, and everything else is fitted to the background; in the left-hand one, flowers show up and disappear in square patterns; and geometric shapes dominate in right-hand carpet.
location: 34 Iceland Street, Ir Ganim, Jerusalem
Order: Neighborhood Renovation Project Direction, Ir Ganim – Kiryat Menahem and the building residentsMaterial: Setting of carved and polished natural stones of various types and in different shades
Creator: Ali Al’araj

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