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The first enviromental sculpture I created was Rebecca. Looking at this sculpture, it is already possible to see some of the principles leading me at my creation work.

Rebecca is the second of the four mothers of the Jewish people. In the Bible, she was a strong figure, knowing how to stand strong in front of her destiny. For my work I choose a pose in which Rebecca sits by a well, a moment before the fateful meeting that will change her from an ordinary woman to the spouse of Yitzchak, one of the Fathers. Rebecca becomes real as a shadow: According to the Jewish religion, it is forbidden to create a man-like figure. This is one of the biggest differences between the Jewish religion and the identity in India regarding God's figure and man's figure. Another difference with the Indian sculpturing is the three dimensional attitudes opposed to the frontal visibility typical to India. The sculpture changes while encircling it, changes from the figurative to the abstract, and creates a new harmony with every glance.

Excerpt from a lecture given by Or-nah Ran at the India University of Arts - Chitrakala Parishat Bangalor

Brandt School, Neve Ya'akov, Jerusalem
Width 2.5m. Length 3.3m. Hieght 2.6m.
Iron Surfaces
Order: Jerusalem Municipality
Carried out: Shabty Mizrahi locksmith's workshop



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